Monday March 27, 2023 - 8:11:28 PM  
About Monterey Construction Corporation

Monterey Construction Corporation is a growing enterprise that has successfully served clients since 1991. Our management team has a proven history as a quality oriented construction company and focuses on addressing the needs and challenges of the industry. Our administrative strength is attributed to a management team that offers clients over one hundred cumulative years of construction experience.

Monterey Construction Corporation has been able to maintain its successful track record as the result of our dedication, hard work, and our unique management style of assigning a principal of our firm to verse each project. By applying this management technique, we have successfully positioned ourselves in the marketplace by offering competitive pricing without having to compromise on quality and integrity.

Monterey Construction Corporation has the experience and professionalism to serve the needs of our diverse client base, which includes major metropolitan hospitals, government agencies, religious organizations, retail and office construction. Located in Westchester County, New York, Monterey Construction Corporation is strategically located to serve clients within a one hundred mile radius. Our firm has the financial resources and bonding capacity to successfully manage multi million dollar construction projects.